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Quite often whenever we see these Badass Girlfriends babes, they would almost always look so perfect that each and every single one of them will do when the need for some naughty time arises. These amateur hotties are like porcelain dolls, so vulnerable to look at yet they give off the kind of energy that would bring you to your knees.

We got this photo gallery filled with our own version of these dolls that you’d like to play with any time of day. And, yes, you need not be some lil girl to play because these are the toys for big boys. As gothic bitches, they like to display their inner lil devils through the various fierce looks they put out in their pictures through the clothes they wear (or lack thereof), the accessories, plus the gunk they have on their pretty faces. Some like to appear similar to lady death but not just looking creepy and dull in black, but expect those kind of babes to flaunt their tits or ass in the hottest and skimpiest outfits possible.

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